More than a Hardware and Software Development Service!

We provide expertise on which startups and companies can capitalize to succeed their innovation project.

Microctan can provide complete turnkey IoT engineering and manufacturing solutions. No matter what your quantities, we can produce everything you need and deliver a fully functioning product right to your door.

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IoT Consulting

Our service package include Project Study, Hardware and Software R&D | IoT Consulting, with highly experienced team experts

Rapid Prototyping

Minimal development time and costs from the POC - MVP stage to the final product, while providing great flexibility in integrating adjustments along the line.

PCB & IoT Design

Custom embedded | electronic and IoT design, providing all related source files : GERBER - BOM - PICK & PLACE - Schematics ...

Software Development

Providing a multidisciplinary team in terms of Web - Mobile - Embedded & Big Data Development.

PCB / PCBA Manufacturing

One-Stop Fabrication and Assembly: A turnkey start-to-finish solution meets all your needs.

Technical Support

Software and Hardware Maintenance and Technical Support

Simple, Affordable and One-Stop IoT Design Service!

Let's bring your innovation and project idea to life.

Electronic Circuit Design

Custom PCB Design

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Rapid Prototyping

Multiple IoT Modules

PCB Source Files

Technical Support

IoT Turnkey Service

Both Software & Hadware Custom Development

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100% Turnkey Service

PCB Design

PCB and PCBA Manufacturing

Web|Mobile|Embedded Software Development

Technical Support

Custom Software Development

Web - Mobile - Embedded

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Web|Mobile|Embedded Software Development

Protocol Integration

Maintenance & Technical Support

Up to 90% of our clients are long time partners! Mainly because of our:

Pro-Active and Non-Linear Thinking Approach
Meeting Deadlines
Intellectual Rights Deantology
Straightforward Process
Affordable Prices
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