Many companies and startups choose to outsource their development due to their price of service and the quality of end product delivery, and that’s where Microctan can help.

By partnering with Microctan, you can focus on your core function – knowing that all software & electronic development, HR & project management, supply chain and manufacturing considerations are in the hands of experts.

We Offer Professional, Affordable & Custom Development Service

Reliability and Rapid Prototyping
IoT & Software Consulting, R&D
Custom Applications Development
Maintenance & Support Service

One-stop Developement Service


Mehdi Idrissi
Founder & CEO

A tech enthusiast, digital and IoT expert/consultant who has supported startups and companies around the world shaping their innovation and digital transformation projects, by helping them implementing cutting edge technologies.

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Proudly Helping Several Companies and Startups Around The World, Disrupting The Status Quo With Cutting Edge Technologies.